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How To Get A Higher Google Ranking? for free!

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By following a few simple steps you can achieve a higher Google ranking for your website. You can easily achieve a top ten spot or even be number one in the world. SEO (search engine optimisation) companies have been born out of our ignorance of the website industry and they will charge you vast sums of money for something you can probably do just as well, if not better, and all for free.

How do I get a higher Google ranking?

The golden rule. Be realistic and choose a search word or phrase that matches your website but is not in high demand. To get the best out of you would ideally want 'UK business directory' as a keyword search phrase. 'UK business directory' has a search result of 71,000,000 and getting a top ten place would be near on impossible. So search keywords until you find a lower search ratio. You are looking for under 2,000,000 hits. I went for 'The great British business directory' and within 2 weeks I had the number 1 spot.

You have your search keyword, now you need to either design a website or change yours. The first job is to call your websites' main page by the keyword you have chosen. My default page is called 'The Great British Business Directory'. The next step is to include that keyword in as many places as possible within your website. Start with text and then name photos and anything else, to include that word. Change or use, website page descriptions to focus on that keyword. Publish your website.

Submit your site to all the search engines. is a great free site.

Promote your website. Use Twitter and Facebook and make sure your type in your website address. They post your details on search engines almost immediately. Google will start to see that your website is becoming popular.

Join business directories EG and place free adverts.

Google loves links. Get as many links to your site as possible. Try

You need website traffic and lots of it. Until you hit the big time, you can cheat and sign up to AutoHits its free and can bring in thousands of visitors a day automatically.

Time! Google is a slow beast. What you do today, may take a couple of weeks for it to affect your Google website rank. The older your website is and the more you promote it, the higher the Google ranking you will achieve.

Join Google webmaster tools and track what people are doing on your website. It will tell you where your website is ranked for certain searched words and phrases.


I hope the above helps you to achieve a top ten Google ranking for your website. Feel free to post this advice elsewhere.



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